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Why are my leaves turning yellow

Why are my leaves turning yellow

There are two big reasons why the foliage on trees or shrubs turn yellow.
  1. You are watering too often.  Most established trees or plants need only moderate watering once they have been in the ground for more than 3-5 years.  Over watering can cause the depletion of the essential element in soil that will turn foliage green.  The element is usually nitrogen or iron.
  2. It could be the fall season.  Many deciduous plants start to turn their leaves yellow right before the leaves fall...this is one reason fall is called fall!  Remember you must have about 20-30 days of below freezing temperatures before this can occur.  
  3. Water is essential for all life including plant life.  But, if you have a drip system that turns on automatically every other day for the past 4-10 years eventually the natural ocurring elements will drain out.  Again, your soil will not have enough nitrogen and iron to keep your trees and plants with good green color.

Yellowing of Leaves

So what is someone to do when your iron and nitrogen are no longer in your soil?  It easy you purchase these types of fertilizers at your local nursery.  Almost all types of fertilizers have nitrogen but what you are looking for is the first number on the product.

The higher the number the more nitrogen.  Here is an example of what I am talking - ahem...I mean writing about.  20-20-20  This is a well balanced fertilizer with an analysis of 20 for nitrogen, phosphorus, and potash.  There are many fertilizers that have a high concentration of nitrogen and should be used with care too much and you could burn the root system.

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