Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Color Trees for The Las Cruces Area

Fall Color Trees for The Southwest

Here’s a small list of trees that offer fall color in Southern New Mexico and West Texas.

The Chinese Pistache is one that takes on fall colors on its’ own. If you are picky about the fall color of a tree, this is one that may be better off chosen during the time of year that it changes. This tree can range from red, yellow, orange, pink, burgundy or any combination of the fore mentioned. The variation of color can be attributed to the genetics of each individual tree, and or the type of soil and fertilizer the tree is provided throughout the year.

Red oaks also have a beautiful fall color. The Shumard, Northern Red, or Pin Oak will do well if planted in richly amended soil, and are fertilized with acid forming fertilizer. In most cases additional amounts of iron chelate may be needed to keep these oaks thriving in our alkaline soils. If you are willing to do this for these oaks you will be rewarded with a beautiful healthy green leafed tree in the summer, and blessed with its’ brilliant red foliage in the fall.

Ash trees will also have some fall color. The Raywood Ash, which has very dark green leaves in the summer, will take on a gorges purple hue during the fall season. The Modesto, Berrinda, Bonita, and Arizona ash will generally take on a bright yellow or golden fall color. These trees are very tolerant of our alkaline soils and hot dry summers, so they make excellent trees for the gardener who prefers a low maintenance tree.

Ginkgo Biloba offers a very deep golden yellow color on a primitive looking leaf. This particular tree grows very slowly in would be very useful in an area with limited space. A named variety called Autumn Gold does not produce the smelly fruit that the non cultivated tree produces. And yes this tree is where the memory pill comes from, I almost “forgot” to mention.

Colorful fall trees for the Southwest

The Chinese Tallow is another tree that has some beautiful fall color as well. The fall colors on this tree are very striking, ranging from reds, yellows, oranges, and pinks. However this tree, when young, may suffer from some winter damage. Older more mature trees can usually withstand some of our colder months with little or no winter damage.

Las Cruces Fall Trees

Keep in mind the amount of cool weather these trees receive before the first hard frost plays a key role in the show of color. The longer our nights stay cool without dipping into well below freezing temperatures, the longer our fall show will be. Also good watering and feeding habits will help contribute to these trees’ full fall glory

Gary Guzman
Color Your World Nursery Website

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