Wednesday, September 12, 2007

More plants, shrubs and flowers at Guzman's Greenhouse

New arrivals at both Guzman's Greenhouse and Color Your World Nurseries.

1. Vitex
2. Alberta Spruce
4. Autrain Pine
5. Purple Leaf Plum
6. Euonymus Gold
7. Mums lot of them...Numerous colors.
8. Roses from Monrovia pink and red.
9. Beautiful blooming Clematis.
10. Blue spruce.
11. Burning bush
12. Black Hills Spruce
13. Hoops Blue Spruce
14. Green Tower Boxwood
15. Many more great looking trees and shrubs from Monrovia.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

New plants and trees at Color Your World Nurseries

New arrivals at Color Your World Nurseries.

Chitlapa trees, mock orange, red balboa trumpet vine, pomergranate tree, glossy abelia, vitex trees, and many more new plants and trees direct from Monrovia Wholesale Nursery.

The plants and trees look very good and are ready for planting now.
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Paul and Gary Guzman

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