Friday, December 01, 2006

Fountain care for winter months

Winter Care for Water Fountains
Most water fountains and statuary are made of "concrete". It has a tendency to expand and contract with climate temperature changes.
Do NOT let water collect and freeze in the fountain bowl, planters, birdbaths and statuary.
You should always protect any concrete type fountain, etc...from freezing conditions.
If you cannot store your fountain, bird bath, or planter inside you should do the following:
Remove pump from water fountain and store inside. Fill bowls or planters with burlap bags, blankets, or any type of material that will protect it from freezing temperatures.
The entire fountain or statuary should be covered. Do NOT leave any surface exposed.
Be sure to place planters and birdbaths on higher ground or surface. Keep them away from water that may freeze.
Following the above precautions during the winter season, you will protect any cast stone products for years of beauty and enjoyment.
You can use about 1tlbs of clorox to about 5 gallons of water to help minimize algae.

Monday, November 27, 2006

Christmas Trees at Color Your World Nurseries

Our Christmas trees for the 2006 season have arrived. We have numerous small to large trees to choose from. Noble, Fraser and Douglas firs stored in water for long lasting evergreen trees throughout the holidays.

Come by our Nurseries at 655 University or 540 N. Telshor in Las Cruces, NM.