Friday, October 08, 2010

Fall is the best time to plant stuff

I get numerous emails, mobile calls, and comments on our forum about when is the best time to plant stuff.
Many people seem to think is during early spring and indeed that is a good time to plant.  However, the best time is really in mid fall. 

During the fall season many deciduous trees, plants, and flowering shrubs will go dormant.  Not only will they lose their leaves they will also stop growing, no height and watering for established plants watering can almost stop. 

There is one part of the plant that will continue to grow and thrive.  If haven't guessed by now what it is I tell you now.  The root system...yes roots from most plants will continue to grow.  This is why it is still important to continue watering and fertilizing during the cold fall and winter months for newly planted plants. 

Of course you should drop the schedule down quite a bit.  Basically once per week on new plants and trees and once per month on drought tolerant plants.  You can stop watering good healthy plants over 5 years old but only during the winter months.

Use a good root stimulator for root growth from the get go.  Remember a root stimulator is a vitamin for your plants roots not a fertilizer.

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Thanks from Paul Guzman
Manager - Color Your World Nursery.

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