Sunday, July 11, 2010

How to make bougnvillea plants bloom

The Bouganvillea plant is a fast, showy vine that shines with bright red and other colors gives it a fine cover for patios or arbors. Also a good ground cover for banks. Use as annual color in colder climates. Evergreen in warmer climates. Full sun. Fast grower to 20 to 30 feet long. There are many varieties to choose from the camarillo, purple queen and gold rush are some that have wonderous color. They are easy to grow in the southwest but like lots of good sun for blooms.

They do not like temperatures below 32 degrees farenheight so be sure to take them in if you live where the cold get below freezing. They will bloom profusely during spring, summer and early fall.

If you want them to bloom all season long use a good fertilizer with lots of phosphorus. Green lights super bloom or BR61 will work great. Ask for them at your local greenhouse nursery. Don't be afraid to trim them when blooms expire then fertilize and water for extra long blooming seasons.

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