Saturday, November 14, 2009

Beautiful fall color trees

Fall color is the best time to enjoy the outdoors.  Numerous trees, shrubs and plants that make this time of year explode with all types of color.  From light gorgeous yellow to bright full red.  Here are my recommendations for trees and shrubs that will light your garden landscape.

Chinese Pistache Trees (Scientific Name: Pistacia chinensis)

Loves Full Sun can be planted in USDA Zones: 4-10 This Southwestern tree is a desirable ornamental with attractive, umbrella-like crown. Lustrous green leaves turn a brilliant orange crimson in fall. Very drought tolerant, deciduous and extremely handsome tree. About 30-40 ft. tall and wide. Does well in the desert heat.

Modesto Ash Scientific Name: Fraxinus velutina 'Modesto'

They Love the full southwestern sun.  Can be planted in USDA Zone 8 - 9.  They can grow up to 40ft tall and 30ft wide. An excellent shade tree and moderate grower. Does very well in the southwest, moderate watering check for parasite growth (Mistletoe) deciduous. All varieties of Ash trees will do well in the southwest. Fall cleanup moderate. Stunning full bright Golden Yellow in the fall.

The Raywood Ash tree Scientific Name: Fraxinus oxycarpa.  This is an excellent easy care drought tolerant tree to use for your southwestern landscape or just about any part of the U.S. It grows about 2ft per year but will grow much faster if watered and fertilized more often. The Raywood ash tree turns a fantastic deep red during the fall seasons. It grows to about 50-60ft tall and about 40ft wide.

You can see some photos of these trees at:  Greenhouse Trees

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