Friday, October 09, 2009

What type of colorful plants to use for winter

Colorful Winter Plants

Camellias do well in a winter garden.  For some reason many folks in the southwest have forgotten about these plants very colorful winter plants.  These amazing plants produce masses of pink, white and red blossoms over a long season in winter and throughout early spring.

Another winter plant for the garden is the hellebore. It is also called the winter rose. The foliage can withstand cold temperatures even snow.  The most common are tthe Helleborus x hybridus (or H. orientalis). They come in greenish to pure white, spotted pinks to deep maroon and almost black. Attractive forms are sought and many, often expensive, named varieties can be found. They come back up in seed form in early spring.

Pansies are another wonderul colorful cold hardy plant.  They come in numerous colors and sizes.  The nice thing about pansies are the numerous variety of colors. They are available in almost all home garden nurseries.  They come in white, yellow, purple and blue are old fashioned favorites.  The hybrids have made the color array much larger.  Ask for them at your local friendly Nursery.

Other cold hardy plants are stock, viola's and snapdragons they are not quite as cold hardy as pansies but they can take temperatures down to about 34 degress farenheight.

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Thanks from Paul and Gary Guzman
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