Thursday, September 17, 2009

Easy Care Houseplant Tips

Houseplant problems and how to correct them.

Tips of leaves turning brown at the tip.
Humidity is probably too low

Maybe over fertilizering can cause leaf burn.

You might have too much excess salt in soil.

Too Much Fluoride in your water.

Leaves Turning Yellow.
You need more nitrogen (fertlizer) in your soil.

You might be overwatering.

You could have hot or cold draft.

The lower leaves will naturally turn yellow then fall off. This is the natural aging process.

Leaves fall off from the plant

You need to add some humidity into the air.

You could be overwatering or underwatering...symptoms are very similiar.

Plants need time to adjust to new environment.

The foliage on new plant stay small

Too low or high light can cause leaves to remain small.

You might need to fertilize your plant use a houseplant fertilizer.

Growth of plants seems long and leggy.
You may be overfertilizing

Place the plant where it get more light.

Plant does not seem to grow.
Possibly temperature is too cool. Put in a warmer place.

Place plant where it gets more light.

The Flower Buds always fall off

There could be a draft in the room cold or hot.

Up the humidity.

Potting soil needs more water. Do NOT let it go dry.

Do NOT move the plant around keep it in one area.

You may need more phosphorus in your soil.

Most houseplants will need water at least once per day, especially during the hot summer months. Deep watering 4-5 times per week is better than light watering once per day. You can cut back on watering during the winter months and little to no fertilizing during the cold weather months.

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