Thursday, May 21, 2009

Oleanders for the southwest

Oleanders for Southwestern Landscaping.

Oleanders are beautiful Desert Plants. They come in several colors the hardy red is what most people purchase. The species is in the genus Nerium, and is also known as Rosa, Adelfa, Olean, Laurier Rose, and Aiwa. Oleanders will bloom all summer long but mostly during the mid spring season. They do not like climates that are consistenly below 20degress f. during the winter season. They also love hot climates even reflected heat from a wall or cement entrances. Most will grow to about 20ft tall and about 15ft wide. Here is a list of the most common Oleanders.

  1. Hardy Red Oleander (Red)

  2. Sister Agnes Oleander (white)

  3. White Sands Oleander (Shorter Oleander)

  4. Pink Oleander (Very hardy and grows faster than the other varities)

  5. Salmon Pink (A lighter pink variety but much more colorful than the pink one)

Their is a dwarf variety that grows to about 4-5ft tall and wide. But will only come in red blooms. Not quite as hardy as the regular red oleander.

There is also the pink and white varities that have the same cold tolerances. These shrubs are very hardy in the southwest and are tolerant of droughts. They can also take lots of water which is ideal for landscape ponding areas.

Remember Oleanders like hot climates and can be grown in colder areas but will require 1-2 years of care before they will thrive.
Color your world Nurseries will usually have this type of plant. Or ask you local Nursery for such "Oleander".

This plant is highly toxic so....keep pets and children from chewing or eating them.

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