Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Where to purchase roses in Las Cruces, NM

Roses in Las Cruces, NM.

Color Your World Nurseries have thousands of roses. Climbing, Shrub, Floribunda's, Hybrids and Tree roses available at the University Location in Las Cruces (655 University Ave. )

Caring for roses is not as hard as some people may believe. Below is what they need. They like lots of water especially when first planted.They need at least 6 hours of sun each day. They like rich lose loamy soil.

Make sure water drains well. Roses should not be left in standing water, even during dormant winter months. Doing so can have adverse problems such as powerdy mildew or other diseases. They can be planted alone or with other companion perennials. Be sure to give then enough room to fill out. Normally around 3-4ft. between plants.

Remember to plant roses where falling snow, ice, or any other debris will not damage plants. The Best time to prune growing roses are from December through early Feburary. Deep watering is better than shallow water. Use a good mulch to retain water. Compost, bark, straw or other similiar materials discourage weeds! Use good composted soil when planting roses. Typically roses should be fertilzed once in early spring, summer and early fall. DO not fertilize during colder climates or during the winter season.

Most of our roses come from Jackson and Perkins and are considered the best wholesale rose nursery in the world. They are in peat pot containers and are watered and fertilized for outstanding bloom color and selection.

If you have questions about our roses or any plants call us today at 575 521 0496. Or contact us at:

From now until the end of June (2009) our Jackson and Perkins roses will be on sale at 30% off. So come by today for the best selection.

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