Thursday, December 13, 2007

Christmas tree care

Cut Christmas Trees: Are trees that are usually grown and farmed for retail at Nurseries.
Try your best to locate a nursery with Christmas trees that are stored in water. This type of tree will last much longer that those that are stacked or have wooden flats for upright support. Always ask for a fresh cut after purchasing one. This will make it absorb water when displayed at home...which will help in freshness throughout the holiday season.

The Noble Fir is a deep green in color. You can easily make boughs out of this tree. Good strong branches for those ornaments that you and your family will enjoy decorating.

The Fraser Fir has a deep dark green color. It has soft needles, long lasting fragrance, and strong branches for heavy type ornament.
The Douglas Fir is thick in density and is more of a traditional type of tree. Branches and overall weight is much lighter. Usually less expensive than the Noble Trees.

Scotch Pine Tree - Is one of the most common xmas trees it has dark green needles. It holds needles for up to four weeks. It has a strong forest type aroma.

Live Christmas trees : You can enjoy them indoors then plant them outdoors. You should purchase live Christmas trees at your local nursery. Be sure to water often and use ice on top of container to help with temperature changes. Be sure to plant asap after the Holidays....the sooner the better.

Visit: for photos of these trees.

Eldrica Pine Live Tree - This is a good live tree and an excellent choice for that large living area. Once the holidays are over plant it outdoors in full sun. Grows fast and is drought tolerant once established. About 50ft tall and 10ft wide.

Pinon tree - This is an excellent southwestern Christmas tree. The pinon does not get large about 15' in height and width. Use it for an indoor live tree then plant outdoors for a beautiful drought tolerant ornamental tree.

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