Friday, November 30, 2007

Las Cruces Christmas Trees

Our cut Christmas trees have arrived...Yes. We have them at both locations.
655 University and 540 Telshor Las Cruces, NM.

These trees come from the cool state of Oregan where the state tree is the Douglas fir pine tree. They are cut and stored in water within hours of arrival at our retail stores. This will ensure long lasting fresh looking trees througout the Holidays.

Noble fir Christmas trees - The Noble Fir is a deep green in color. You can easily make boughs out of this tree. Good strong branches for those ornaments that you and your family will enjoy decorating. We have them in several sizes starting at:5-6'6-7'7-8'8-9'10-11'

Fraser fir Christmas tres - The Fraser Fir has a deep dark green color. Fraser fir has soft needles, long lasting fragrance, and strong branches for heavy type ornaments. We have them in several sizes starting at:6-7'7-8'8-9'

Douglas fir Christmas trees - The Doublas Fir is thick in density and is more of a traditional tree. Branches and overall weight of tree is much lighter. Usually less expensive than the Noble Trees. We have them in one size only:6-8'

Come early to get the best selection.

Paul Guzman

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