Monday, June 21, 2010

Watering plants during hot weather

I am often asked about watering during hot dry conditions.  Most folks who live in the Southwest will continue the same watering schedule as if it were spring or fall.  This is a big mistake.  Temperatures can rise up to 110degress farenheight during the mid day. 

Plants, trees are just like people and pets they need extra watering during this time.  If you are on water timer up your watering times about 5-10 minute more.  Most drought tolerant plants will be alright if they are well established.  This could be anywhere from 1 to 5 years and it all depends on what type of low watering plants they are.

It is important to do extra watering on non-native or plants that do better with extra moisture.   Watering in the early morning hours is best and deep watering is better than light...sprinkler type watering. 

Most first year planting of Junipers, Cypresses, and Pines will rarely recuperate if not enough water is added during the first year.  Once they dry up they will most likely perish.

I highly recommended adding a watering system to your landscaping.  Be sure to check for leaks and or proper watering flows. 

Click Here are some watering saving tips for those who are looking to save money on their water bill

Thanks from Paul Guzman
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  1. I really liked you blog. Thanks for sharing those nice tips to save water. Also i have heard about drip irrigation system that helps to save water a lot. Can you please do provide some information on that too.