Sunday, August 02, 2009

Lawn care for the Southwest

How to have a picture perfect lawn in the Southwest

Lawns in the Southwest require some special requirements than other parts of the U.S.

For one thing we get very little rain. Some parts of the desert southwest get only 2 maybe 3 inches per year. Wow... that is a staggering stat considering Seattle Washingtion gets on the average about 36.2 inches per year.

So what can the average Joe living in the lower elevations of the desert do to keep his lawn looking good.

Choose drought tolerant grasses. Bermuda varities will work great. Princess77 is a great water saver and looks good throughout the hot summer months. Buffalo grass is another tuff low water grass. St. Augustine and Zoysiagrass or others that will work well. Ask for them at your local nursery.

Water...the more the better especially during drought seasons. Of course follow city and local water restrictions.

Water during the early morning hours. Set your drip system to 7:00 am and water about 20 minutes every other day if restrictions allow it. Avoid watering during night time it could result in fungus problems.

Fertilize often. Use a good 16-8-8 analysis. The better maintained your lawn the less likely weeds and fungus problems will arise. Thatch and aerate during early spring or late winter.

Spotty brown spots could indicate grubs or fungus. A hazy bluish color is a sign of not enough water.


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