Sunday, August 30, 2009

Las Cruces Water Fountains

Water Fountains are very popular items in the Southwest. The cool relaxing atmosphere it creates during the hot summer months is ideal for Southwestern outdoor decor. Almost all water fountains now come with pumps that will re-circulate water from the bottom bowl upwards towards the top and back down via non viewable hoses.
Most of our Fountains come from Henri Studios. Henri Studio is the world leader in original handcrafted cast stone products. Their unique Fountains, Statuary and Outdoor furnishings are one of a kind in design – form and function. Visit their website for more information:

Maintenance on these fountains is low and cleaning should be done at the end of the fall season. You do have to empty all water before freezing temperatures arrive. More information about water fountain care can be found here: Waterfountaincare.

At Color Your World Nursery in Las Cruces we have lots of water fountains they are 30% off and on sale until mid September 2009. We also have a large catalog with hundreds of other fountains that you can choose from. You can give us a call at 575 521-0496 and ask for water fountain information. We also offer setup and delivery options. We will be glad to help.
Paul Guzman

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