Sunday, July 26, 2009

When should I fertilize my lawn

How often should I fertlize my lawn?

This is a question I get all the time at Color Your World Greenhouse. Here is my standard answer. Typically you should fertilize once when grass starts to turn green, again in early summer and once more in early fall. You are bascially wasting your money fertilizing warm seasonal grasses during winter. If you have evergreen lawns such as fescue or Kentucky blue grass you should apply a winterizer during the winter season.

If you want your lawn to look exceptionally good try to fertilizing once per month when your grass start to turn green.

The winterizer is NOT a fertilizer but more of a root stimulator to help lawn roots become much hardier.

Always apply the recommended mixture of fertilizer that your product recommends. A good mixture of 16-8-8 will work very well.

For more information about making your own look good all year long visit the follow website.

Thanks from Paul Guzman

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