Saturday, February 28, 2009

Colorful Plants for the southwest

Living in the desert Southwest can present alot of gardening problems. This is one question I get all the time. "What plants can I use for more color that does not require alot of water?" Below are some great plants that will bloom fantastic colors, and will help keep that water bill down.

It is important to remember that even desert need water almost daily when first planted. Usually after the first year you can remove the drip line or cut your watering to at least half.

Colorful Perennial Plants for the Desert Southwest

Spanish Broom: Sometimes called the Desert Broom. Likes Full Sun - USDA zones 4a-9
Fantastic beautiful spring yellow flowers. Semi-Evergreen shrub grows up to 8ft. tall about 4ft. wide. Most cities in the southwest use this for their landscaping needs.

Green Cloud Sage: Scientific Name: Leucophyllum frutescens Sun: Full Zones 8-7a or 7b Green Cloud Sage beautiful purple summer blooms. Evergreen low to moderate watering. Can used as a stand alone shrub or hedge. There are numerous varities. Texas sage, Heavenly cloud, compacta (small), all require very little water once established.

Chaparral/Mexican: Is a sage and likes full Sun - USDA Zone 9a:
Salvia Clevelandii or Chaparral Sage - Beautiful long blooms about 5 - 6ft tall. Moderate water and excellent entrance accent shrub.

Red Bird of Paradise: Full Sun - USDA Zone: 8b-10
Beautiful bright red/orange blooms. Fast growing plant 6 to 15 feet tall and wide. Sold as annual in the lower elevations of the southwest. Be sure to trim down during winter season. Cover with mulch and they will pop out when early summer begins.

Damanitia: Full Sun - USDA Zones 8-10.
Damanitia beautiful yellow blooms almost all summer long. Great for landscaping front entrance. Easy care low water requirements. This plant will bloom profously in spring and once again in fall.

Apache Plume: Scientific Name: Fallugia paradoxa.
Loves full Sun. A Southwestern high desert native shrub does great in southern New Mexico. Open upright plants produce a dense, shrubby character with fine leaves on twiggy branches for an overall gray-green appearance. Blooms in early to spring with showy white flowers spectacular under moonlight. Very drought tolerant

Desert Willow Scientific Name: Chilopsis linearis. Likes full Sun - USDA Zone 7 - 9
Desert willow grows to about 25ft tall. If you are looking to attract hummingbirds then this is the tree to get. Beautiful light purple blooms very hardy shrub or tree. Very drought tolerant once established.

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