Friday, January 16, 2009

Spring season is a good time to plant trees and shrubs.

Spring time is just around the corner.

The winters in the southwest are short...and spring pops up alot sooner than it does in other parts of country. Starting in late February and early March the night time temperatures start to warm up. This makes it an ideal time to plant just about anything.

Be careful when planting frost tender plants during the March gardening season, be prepared to cover them in event of a late frost.

In the Las Cruces area or lower elevations of the southwest we usually get a cold snap followed by some pretty warm days during the month of March. Try using "Wall-o-waters" for your tomato plants to help protect them from temps down to 15 degrees f.

Some flowering shrubs, trees, and vines you may want to consider are wisteria, Idaho locust, rhaphiolepsis, carolina jessamine, cross-vine, roses, flowering cherry, crape myrtle, texas sage, trumpet vine to name a few.

Warm weather grasses or lawns should start coming out of dormancy I highly recommend apply 16-8-8 fertilizer at the first sign of green grass in your lawn.

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Paul and Gary Guzman

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