Wednesday, May 14, 2008

No rain in Southwestern New Mexico

It's been a long time since I've seen rain round these parts. I've almost forgotton what clouds look like. What does rain look like? These are some of the comments I get from folks who visit Color Your World gardening stores.

Yup...seems like an eternitity since we've had rain. It's been pretty hot and dry and these conditions can cause several bad gardening problems. I'll name a few.

Spider Mites....yes these small insects love dry hot conditions and they love cypresses, junipers, pines and other similar trees and shrubs.
Signs of spider mites are brownish web like webs around your tree or shrub.
Use a good miticide control to rid yourself of these insects. Be sure to spray the whole plant.
I like to use a systemic this will work from the root system up in to the tree. Be sure read the label instructions.

Rabbits have been invading residential areas due to no rain. Deer, rabbits and other rodents do not have any natural vegetation. And like almost any living animal it will seek food until it finds some. These critters will eat anything including the bark of smaller younger trees.

Try "Critter Ridder" repellent to repel these animal from your garden, vegetables, plants and or trees. It does work if applied according to the instructions.

Get these at your local retail gardening center.

Or visit for more animal repellent products.

Thanks Paul Guzman

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