Friday, February 29, 2008

When is the last frost in Las Cruces.

When is the last frost in Las Cruces?

Is spring really here? Well is sure looks like it here in southern New Mexico. The weather has been absolutely gorgeous. Most trees, shrubs, and plants are already sprouting new growth. The purple leaf plum tree are displaying bright colorful pink blooms. The fruit trees are also budding and leafing out.

Vegetable and herb plants are now arriving at many local southwest nurseries.

Lantana, red bird of paradise, and crape myrtles are typically late bloomers. They usually won't bloom until late spring or early summer. Just be patient with them.

My only concern is that we do not get a late frost. This actually happens almost every year and a light frost might develop in mid or late March.

Keep you eye on the weather in Las Cruces. If you have some of these plants in pots bring them in. If not protect them with some type of "thermal Blanket" usually sold at greenhouses or garden nurseries. You can also use a product called "Wall of Water" for your tomato plants. The product is round type plastic sort of like organ pipes filled with water. This keeps tomato plants from freezing.

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