Friday, December 21, 2007

Pine Trees

Pine Tree

Pine Trees for the southwest. These trees are hardy in the lower elevations of the southwest. Be sure to click here for pine tree photos. And a complete description and zone requirements.
Hey just because the southwest is a desert area does not mean evergreen pine trees will survive the heat. With proper water and care they will thrive.

This means you can have that ponderosa forest like landscape right in your own back or front yard.
Afghan Pine (Pinus eldarica) Also called the Desert pine, Mondell pine or the Eldarica pine. This pine tree grows to 70-80' tall and about 30' wide. Very drought tolerant once established. There is quite a bit of maintenance involved. Pine needles and cones will drop almost year round but it does provide good shade and screen from the neighbors.
The Ponderosa, and Mugho, pines will also do well here in the Southwest. Color Your world nurseries will usually have this type of pine trees.
The Austrian Pine is another great southwestern favorite. Must smaller and a less maintenance great for blocking your neighbors ugly shed, dog house, or maybe your neighbors body parts!
If you happen to be in the Las Cruces Area be sure to visit Color Your World Nurseries.
Paul Guzman

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  1. Pinus eldarica is absolutely beautiful.