Friday, August 24, 2007

Watering Your Trees

After purchasing trees or shrubs at our retail nursery store a few customers will come and ask why did it die? My usual response is: Jeez... did you water it? Nine time out of ten times they did not water according to our instructions.

I will ask them how many times did you water? The average customers will say.. oh about once or twice per week. Once or twice per week is insufficient watering for a newly planted tree or shrub. You will need to water everyday day for at least 30 days....Do not skip a day! This inclues spring, summer and fall seasons. During winter you can water the first 2 weeks everyday then once or twice during the months of December, January, February then up the water usage about every other day.

Make sure the water drains well. In mid summer you should water twice a day no matter where you live. Here are some responses I get from folks who did NOT water
"I thought you said once per week for 30 days."
"We went on vacation and when we came back it died."
"I thought the watering system 2-3 times per week would suffice."
"I did water everyday for 30 days. (then why are the leaves wilted and root ball dry?)

Drought tolerant trees and shrubs need water those first 30 days. The one exception are the cactus family type of plants. They need water once or twice after planting, then leave them alone.

Their could be other reasons but these are usually the exception and not the rule.Fungus - Usually from over watering, will rarely kill the tree.Disease - Most retail nurseries will not sell diseased trees, plants or shrubs.Insects - Possible but their would be evidence of insect damage.Below are some suggestions to ensure survival of your tree of shrub.

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1. Check your drip system make sure water is actually dripping out of the drip line. If it is make surethe dripper is directly over the top of the root ball.

2. If possible up the drip watering system everyday for 30 days about 20 minutes per day.

3. If the system is too complicated get a landscaping professional to adjust the timers.

4. Do it by hand...Yes get out there and water your plants everyday for the...first 30 days. If you can't do it yourself pay someone to do it.

5. If you do not have a hose available use a bucket about 4-5 gallons per day.Water is essential for root growth, once they start growing the tree or shrub will have an almost 100%chance of survival. After all we all wanta happy customer, nursery manager and above all great looking trees and shrubs so you can enjoy your outdoor landscaping home.

Use a good root stimulator for root growth. You do not need to fertilze at this time wait until the 30 day period is over.

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Thanks from Paul and Gary Guzman

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