Thursday, January 04, 2007

10 Great tips for a successful website

Below are some helpful tips that have made my website successful. You do not have to read or follow the advice just be sure to bookmark this website. Why? Because these are the basic steps you will need to succeed with your online marketing efforts.

Not only designing them but also the ability to generate traffic via internet marketing techniques that have made one of the top websites in this southwestern Internet Community.

Below are 10 top tips to help make your website successful.

1. Make and develop your own website. Do NOT copy or get websites that have absolutley no value. Always write and create good content for your website visitors.

2. Find your niche. What do you do for a living? What are your interests, your hobbies, your love. Do you like sports? What about working and tinkering with cars/trucks. Do you like skateboarding, gardening, are you a wizard at math, electronics, computers, etc....etc.....

3. Once you have that in mind start writing it down. Yes... take a pen and put it on paper. You will probably have tons of content for your website. This is what people want, and more importantly what "google" and the rest of the search engines are craving for.

4. Find a good webhosting company. Do your best to learn HTML Once you have a good working knowledge of that start with CSS, PHP, and others. The main one is HTML.

5. Find a good graphics program. The two best are Paint shop Pro and Adobe photoshop. PSP is alot cheaper.

6. S.E's love good simple HTML & CSS content. Once you have that start putting your adsense or affiliate links in place.

7. You have probably heard this before but I will say it again. do NOT slap on a bunch of banners, and unrelated links on your page. Stay away from link farms, black hat search optimization tricks and anyone that says "make thousands/millions in 2 months " IT WON'T HAPPEN".

8. Read everything positive! Yes read and acquire the knowledge that will help you get what you want.

9. Here are 2 words that helped me with my successful site: Persistence and Determination.

10. Visit and participate in forums, blogs and websites that have valuable information concerning your niche. And most important of all build your mail list. The bigger your list the better.

Thanks Paul Guzman

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